Civilisation & Its Malcontents
Ma Bibliotheque, September 2017

Caught up in the vortex of this bellicose age, adrift on the sea of digital information and misinformation, without perspective enough to glimpse the future that is actually forming, I am finding it hard to think.

Here is a book about thought right now and about how to think in a world that asks us at every level not to. Discontent? Malcontent? Sarah Wood looks at the world through Freud and fraud.

‘Sarah Wood reads Freud through a twenty-first century lens—updating his view of civilisation with considerations of algorithms, automation, Brexit, border controls, and non-linear warfare. A poetic, provocative book.’ – Juliet Jacques

ISBN: 978-1-910055-39-7
76 pages
170 mm x 105 mm, 60 mm cover flaps
Format: Paperback
£9.00 / 11,00 euros

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