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The Enigmatic Message is installed as part of Beyond 2001 – an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Enigmatic Message deploys sound recordings made as research for the Dawn of Man sequence that opens the film. It uses them to question the possibiilties for translation in our increasingly bordered world. A sample of the recording was translated by Ali Smith, Bridget Hannigan, Eileen Myles, Ian Patterson, Idit Elia Nathan, Joanne Macleod, Kathleen Bryson, Laurie Anderson, Lucy Harris. Lydia Davis, Meg Jamieson, Olivia Laing, Sharon Kivland, Woodrow Phoenix.

The Enigmatic Message is the first outcome from a residency in the Archives and Special Collections at London College of Communication where I've been looking at Kubrick's archive. You can read about what else I've found and found out here and here and here and here and here.

Boat People is part of Turbulence at The Model, Sligo until April 22nd.

Civilisation and Its Malcontents, a re-visiting for the twenty-first century of Freud's 1930
essay Civilisation and Its Discontents is available now from Ma Bibliothèque.